Meet Saff- the instigator and ethos of our very business! Coupled with me her mum Sass we are so happy that you have found our brand and items:
Born out of a love for wanting to make beautiful items for your entire wedding party I have always thought about whether I would wear it, and more importantly would Saffy approve and wear it! This has influenced our designs, our fabric choices and our decisions over how best to get our products to you, our wonderful customers.
Our items are handmade in Vietnam where I lived for 3 years, working alongside our fantastic production team who are very much part of the Saff & Sass family.  Our designs stem from love and a passion to create something truly special, flattering and comfortable, however if there is a design you would like to see then simply drop us a message as we can always try to help!
I love learning every day of the wonderful plans our customers have for their special days and to be a brand that has a role in someones wedding day, a day that they treasure for their whole lives makes us feel very honoured so thankyou and enjoy every minute of your wedding planning!
Saff & Sass