Your wedding morning: how to have the best possible experience

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Something that we have been talking about in the Matchimony office recently is about our own feelings on our wedding days. How we felt on the night before, how we felt on the morning of the actual day and interestingly the difference in how we felt is vast! So it got us thinking, what are the hints and tips we can give to make that morning before the best it possibly can be? Now these are just our thoughts so let us know any other hints and tips you have for a perfectly perfect wedding day build up in the comments for our blog.

1. Plan, Plan and Plan…

Yes we know this is obvious! However as Natasha felt on her wedding day trying to do everything your self is hard work and creates a lot of last minute stress (just don’t talk about the heating breaking down in the marquee on the morning of the day, in December!).

Handing over the reins to someone else on the day is vital, if you cannot afford a wedding planner in the run up to your wedding don’t sweat it as actually doing the details yourself can be incredibly fun. However on the actual day having one person as your go-to contact to keep the day on track and covering off the finer details is imperative. There are some fabulous wedding planners out there and @bridebookplanners is a great resource to find planners with amazing experience and beautiful work. Failing that you always have your fabulous Maids to help you out on the day so you can truly enjoy it, or you know that cousin who is super organized and owes you a favour? Now is the time to call it in!

2. Make the most of those lovely photos shots

Getting ready with your girls in the morning is one of the most fabulous times, you get the chance to get your hair and make-up done, relax and be excited with your Squad. However actually when looking at a photographers costs the decision has to be made to not always capture the getting ready shots or to focus only on the bride- which is such a shame. If you can, persuade your photographer to spend some time getting some shots with you and your leading ladies. Even better if you have gorgeous matching items to wear together for those shots. We launched our Matchimony Dressing Gowns for this very reason where you can get robes in your exact wedding colours personalised with anything you like from ‘Bridesmaid’ to personal nicknames to get the most wonderful wedding morning shots. See our robes here: and they are available in over 37 colours and only 23GBP each, the perfect #squadgoal shot purchase.


Picture: courtesy of our gorgeous Bride Louisa Seymour and amazing photographer

3. Hair and Make Up you trust

Handing over the foundation brush to someone else can be a daunting experience and you need to have absolute faith in the person you use. Make sure you get a trial in and don’t just check the make-up and hair outcome but actually check how you feel with your chosen supplier. They will be with you a huge chunk of the day and you need someone who makes you feel relaxed. When the nerves all got a bit too much for Natasha it was her hairdresser (who she has known since she was 3, so that’s always helpful) who got the tissues for the impromptu tears and who advised that maybe that third glass of champagne may not be such a good idea on an empty stomach! For a MUA choose someone who gets exactly what you want and who embodies the ‘fun’ of the day, the wonderful MUA @renuplahemua is our go-to girl for getting us ready on our wedding day and for all of our gorgeous Matchimony shoots.

4. Breakfast, Bucks Fizz and Bellinis!

The comment above about empty stomachs and champagne is a BIG one! It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the morning but make sure you try to eat something, give it as a task to your maids to check that you are drinking enough water and getting some food in. You have a long day ahead and you need to be able to keep going. They can also be the responsible ones for making Bucks Fix and Bellinis too which is of course just as important…!

5. Take the chance of 15 minutes to yourself

Number 5 is probably the most important. This is a big day for you, your partner to be and your families and friends. It can be a time of high emotion, you may be missing someone who should be there or you may just feel a little overwhelmed. Try to take just 15 minutes for yourself to absorb it all. Remember the sounds, smells and sights of the morning before, savour every moment and take that memory and store it safely away so you can relive it again and again.

Most of all have fun and enjoy yourself. Let us know what we can do at Matchimony to make your day even more special and if you have any other hints and tips to share with us too to share with our other beautiful brides.


Lots of love,

Vicky & Natasha xx




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