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First of all CONGRATULATIONS! Even if you have had to make the difficult decision to move your wedding day you are still GETTING MARRIED!! We are beyond excited for you and want to make sure that we can support brides in their quest to find the perfect clothing for their bridal party in any way we can, and some of that comes from being able to provide information on how to style and dress your new wedding adapting to new trends.

Firstly if you were a Summer bride and heading into a new date for a Winter wedding then don’t be put off or feel the need to change - Summer colours still work, all your items that you lovingly chose still fit you and your theme, however think about ways of bringing more Autumnal/Wintery shades, ideas include using beautiful wintery herbs like rosemary and darker blooms in your bouquets, moody yet dreamy lighting with battery candle light and fairy-lights or even looking at the photos that you can now definitely get with the darker nights such as gorgeous sparkler shots. Winter weddings (and Tash is biased as was a December bride) can be absolutely dreamy, there are no expectations on the weather and ask any photographer and they will tell you that cloudy skies make for better photos with less light!

If you are now planning for an Autumn or Spring wedding then there are colour ideas everywhere, but a lovely theme is to think about nature and its purest beauty and how you can pull it into your day. Botanical has been a huge theme for a while and using the gorgeous green trends in your bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses creates such a gorgeous neutral palette. Even embrace nature and look for those amazing wedding shots surrounded by the forest and fields J


The main thing with planning and styling your wedding is staying true to you, the colours you chose before are still your favourites, the flowers you really wanted may well still be available but take this as a chance to adapt and enhance your day pulling in elements from your new season to make your day truly truly perfect.

We hope you enjoy every minute of planning and we are thinking of you every step of the way.


Love Vicky and Tash x

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