With great events, comes great planning

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It’s funny how some of the most fantastic, exciting and enjoyable times of our lives are also rated as some of the most stressful and getting married comes in within the top ten. 

There’s a lot of planning and coordination. The who, when and where. The “who” can become a delicate, political, balancing act with family and friends, but it’s an opportunity for you to include and involve the people you hold most dearest as part of your Bridal party……and remember, these are the people who hold your fate on your Hen or Stag do after all, so choose wisely.

Joking aside, it’s a fab time to honour your best friends and relatives, who will help you on your big day.  The number of people you have as part of your inner circle is a personal choice. In the States and Down Under the trend is to have a larger team of honoured members sometimes even more than 10 bridesmaids, whereas in the UK it tends to be traditionally, smaller in number.  The selection process can, at times, be fraught with the danger of offending those who you hold dear as limiting factors such as the budget can play a role.

This is one of the fundamentals of why Matchimony was born.  We appreciate how cost conscious you have to be when planning a wedding. It turns you into a better accountant than Jimmy Carrs’! For the rest of your life these people will always be your bridesmaids and ushers, and will remain forever present in those cherished snaps.  The regret of not being able to have someone you really wanted as the budget couldn’t stretch to that one extra bridesmaid dress is something that we wanted to address. We wanted to create a range of beautiful, high quality garments to flatter all shapes and sizes, in a range of colours, that were affordable in beautiful quality fabrics from only 95GBP. 

 Here are some of our gorgeous brides and their stunning bridal parties:


We feel proud of being able to achieve this with the variety of styles and colours we offer in accost efficient way meaning you can have as many bridesmaid as you would like, not how many you can afford to have, as part of your special day.


Lots of Love


Natasha and Vicky xxx








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