Why are Bridesmaids so important?

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Have you been asked to be Bridesmaid? Feeling excited but maybe a little overwhelmed? We've broken it down here to the top 3 tasks so you can be the best bridesmaid there is!

Dress shopping:

Okay we know we are a little dress obsessed...but actually the role of bridesmaid starts at that very point! For your Bride-to-be dress shopping can be exceptionally overwhelming, they will be faced with a huge array of shop and dress options and your involvement is vital. Be there to peruse the wedding mags and scour Pinterest finding the inspiration and styles they like before embarking on a shopping trip of a lifetime by their side to offer constructive and helpful advice. We have launched our own bridal range and host it side by side in our bridesmaid boutique and it means you can all experience the magic too!

Hen partaaaaay

Yep you guessed it you get to organise ALL the fun! From relaxing spa days to all out raves the choice of hen options is extensive, your role is to find out exactly what floats your bride-to-be's boat and tailor an option that delivers for them. Whilst you're at it throw in one of our personalised hen sashes, because well it's needed and they deserve it!

Get your game face on

On the day this is where you come into you own. If you are the queen of organisation be the one to sort out the itinerary for the day and keep everyone on track, if you are the joker keep everything lighthearted, if you are the shoulder to cry on be there for the tears. The actual day is the most important and everyone has a role to play to make it the most perfect day for everyone.


Above all of this just simply remember that the role of bridesmaid is special, you are someone the Bride-to-be has chosen to be part of their day, by their side, as they enter a new chapter of their lives, and that makes you a wonderful person indeed.

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