The story of a dress

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We tailor make each and every one of our beautiful Bridesmaid dresses, hand finished piece by piece, the same as you would tailor a wedding dress. Today we want to share the Story of a Dress- how our beautiful pieces come together!


Step 1: drawing our first drafts

Together we sketch the designs, based on our own feelings of what we would like to see, what we think would be comfortable, what is coming up in trends and most importantly what are our brides asking for. We genuinely care about making designs that suit and flatter any body shape so we spend along time thinking and drawing what would make women feel most comfortable. 

Step 2: Paper patterns

At this stage each piece of the dress is cut into paper to see the exact dimensions needed for each individual part. These are put together and used as the template for the next stage, progressing to the fabric cut.

Step 3: the test run

Our experienced pattern cutters bring the vision of our dresses to life! Each pattern is cut out and assembled together like a jigsaw puzzle and put onto a mannequin to test for the best fit, flare and size. This allows us to see how the dress will fit on a real body, it is a fundamental part of our tailoring process as this is where we work out exactly how many pleats our gorgeous dresses such as One Shoulder will have.

 Step 4: the final countdown

At this stage the final dress is cut out form one of our 37 Matchimony colours, sewn together piece by piece and a final check of wear is made by trying the dress on actual models, this allows us to see how the dress fits.

Each of our dresses are special to us as we know how much of an important part they will be in your wedding day so perfection means everything to u from our designs on paper to the real article! And we hope you love our dresses as much as we do J

Lots of love

Vicky & Natasha x

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