Proposal Season!

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Did you know that this season is officially known as the peak proposal time? The lead up to Christmas sends hearts a fluttering everywhere and it becomes the most perfect and beautiful time to say yes. We decided to ask our social followers for their romantic festive proposals and here are some of our favourites!

‘I am terrible for guessing my presents and had a feeling my now husband was going to propose so I kept checking for a small ring size box, I didn’t find one anywhere on Christmas day and was feeling a little deflated when he handed me a box the size of a shoebox, again I felt gutted! Little did I know hidden in the toe of a gorgeous pair of shoes was the most beautiful engagement ring. So, I got a gorgeous pair of shoes and a lovely engagement out of that Christmas!’

‘5 years ago, my now husband surprised me by proposing on a skiing holiday in France on Boxing Day, I had no idea and thought he was down on his knees in the snow because he had lost something! Every year straight after Christmas Day we go on a skiing holiday to celebrate our engagement anniversary’.

‘Our proposal was beautiful and comical at the same time! My lovely man hid my engagement ring in a Christmas cracker, which would have been great had the force of me pulling it not sent the ring spinning off into the air, hence all my family down on their knees searching for it whilst my husband had a complete meltdown that it was lost!’

We LOVE romantic (and funny) stories like this, so tell us if you said ‘yes’ during the festive time by sharing your story on our Instagram feed and in-keeping with the festive theme check out these gorgeous ruby engagements beauties!


Lots of love

Natasha & Vicky






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