Pregnant Bridesmaids? It’s something we do best!

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Pregnancy is exceptionally common in the Matchimony office – in fact we have had four in the past two years in the office!  Our pregnant ladies are massive fans of the Matchimony dresses for every stage of their pregnancy and we wanted to share our words of wisdom with you.

How to choose dresses for pregnant bridesmaids is a question that we are often asked about, do we make dresses that can accommodate a growing bump? Can we provide custom options for pregnant maids? Which of our off-the-peg dresses are best for pregnancy? In fact we can help with everything….

Our dresses are incredibly versatile, the fact that we use silk with a chiffon overlay allows for a more flattering shape which is spectacularly helpful for those with a budding bump, some of our off-the-peg dresses such as the Matchimony Multiway and the M Collection Mimi have copious amounts of soft chiffon (in our Mimi there is 7 metres of chiffon which gives a really forgiving floaty feel meaning you can have room to grow and feel comfortable aswell as having a more generous bust area. In fact the bridesmaid below is wearing a Peach Mimi at 6 months pregnant which was an off-the peg size and it fits perfectly:


Our other option is to do a bespoke custom size whereby using our measurement guide you can easily customize our dresses to have a perfect fit, we can even give advice on how to pre-empt a growing bust or tummy due to our experience with so many pregnancies!

Either way we are here to help you find the perfect dress and help your pregnant bridesmaids to celebrate with you in style so email us at for any questions you may have.

Lots of love,

Vicky & Natasha

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