Matchimony Mini-Moon Guide Part 1

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More than a third of couples now take a mini moon and they are the perfect way to relax after the craziness of a Wedding and also to reflect on the brilliance of your special day.  Matchimony coowner Vicky took a mini moon to Paris after 'officially' getting married in the UK.  "Our 'real' Wedding we always considered to be in Cyprus but we had to complete the legal side in the UK about a month before. It was strange as we did it on a Friday afternoon and so were then 'technically' married and felt like we should celebrate over the weekend."   That was a few years ago now but the Matchimony team due to being based in Kent next to the Ebbsfleet Eurostar station are able to pop over to Paris regularly.  These are just a few of our favourite things in the Worlds most romantic City. 

Where to stay 

Le Royal Monceau is the place to stay if budget is no object.   This Raffles hotel is voted 11th best hotel in the World and is our favourite hotel in Paris.   From the cool Long Bar area to the 23m swimming pool in the clarins spa area, this place is designed to thrill.  It also has a less formal ambience and more modern than Le Meurice or Le Bristol, also lovely hotels if you're looking for a traditional palatial Parisian stay.  If you are not staying you can still visit the bar and whilst 26euros a cocktail is not cheap it is worth it for the complimentary garlic cashews!

On a budget try the Latin Quarter there are loads of small hotels in this great part of town.  Known for its student population and happy hour bars it has a young, hip vibe.  One thing to remember are Paris hotel rooms are notoriously small.   Apparently 100sqm of building costs 2m Euros to buy by the Eiffel Tower and so hoteliers need to get as many rooms in as possible!  Don't be disappointed and remember all you really need on honeymoon is a bed!

Things To Do

Do an unusual tour, yes you can walk around the City easy enough or jump on the metro but taking a tour will show you the sights plus give you something to tell your friends for years to come.   One way to see the City plus enjoy the delights of French cuisine is Bustro Nome a 2 hour bus tour where you can enjoy a tasting menu whilst taking in the sights.   The food is exquisite and so is the view.  

Or how about taking a 2cv Citroen tour.  Guaranteed to provide smiles all round.  These informative tours allow you numerous photo opportunities and waves from passers by!   Or if you and your partner prefer a faster ride hire a super car and whizz round the city.

We won't even begin to review the restaurants of Paris as there are just too many to discuss.  Personal favourites include Lavinia, Maison Blanche, Chez Francois, le Juveniles to name a few.   Now you haven't got a big white dress to worry about, just enjoy! And make sure you pair the food with lots of French wine!


These are just a couple of our favourite things in this magical city, that we have realised we could talk about all day.   Happy Mini mooning everyone and don't forget to pack your bride dressing gown for lounging around in!  

Lots of Love

Vicky and Tash x


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