How are our dresses made?

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We talk a lot on our website about how Matchimony was founded, the ethos of what we believe in and what we provide however we thought it would be nice to talk about the main backbone of our company- how our items are made. None of our items are made in factories, all are made by our own dedicated individual team of tailors, all by hand- and that makes us very different.

The Classic

First off we begin with our base pattern cutting our fabrics by hand to exactly fit. From there the intricacy of making these dresses really starts! Each dress is positioned on the mannequin and the bodice of the dress is cut from individual segments piecing together the intricate details of front, straps and back portions, for the Classic this involves hand pleating our signature three pleats in our Chiffon overlay to create the beautiful shape that is fundamental to the front of our Classic dress.



From here each individual part is stitched together by hand whilst the skirt is added to the ruched band to ensure a perfect fall to the floor and a beautiful finish overall.

The One Shoulder

This is where our dresses become even more intricate! The One shoulder can have over 35 pleats in just the bodice area. The way we do this is intricate yet simple by hand pleating a length of our Matchimony Chiffon laid on a pinboard. Once the pleats are finalized we then transfer them to the body of the dress and overlay it, whilst keeping all of the pleats intact. Once on the body we drape the skirt of the dress into our signature ruched waistband and allow our beautiful skirt to fall to the floor with the chiffon overlay creating a flattering silhouette.



Our dresses are intricate and are painstakingly made by hand to deliver the very best in tailoring service, that is why we do always quote 4-6 weeks to enable to best amount of time to make your items bespoke for you, however if you have any questions about our dresses, or want to see one being made up close then watch this space for our upcoming video on how our items are made.


Lots of love


Vicky & Natasha


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