Honeymoon Planning Hints and Tips

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The wedding planning is in full swing, you’ve booked the venue, the dress is chosen and the guests invited, now for some seriously fun stuff….planning your ultimate holiday- your honeymoon!

We have worked with some of the best experts in the business to pull together some top tips for your planning to make sure you get the best value.

  1. Book early

This may seem like a no brainer but is vital, if budgets don’t allow straight after the wedding then maybe take a break before having your honeymoon a few months after the wedding, it means you can save money and plan that much in advance to secure the best options out there. It also means you can consider the destinations and best time to travel for you.

  1. Think differently

Not all honeymoons need to be the same, a honeymoon is an opportunity to spend time in each others newly married company so look at activities that allow you to do that, for example have you considered Iceland, a romantic couples dinner under the vast and magical Northern Lights would be a memory to last a lifetime and not always up there as the first priority for honeymoons! Collect brochures and links to locations you love and create a wishlist for each of you that covers your perfect honeymoon

  1. Using a travel agent

Using a travel agent is exceedingly valuable, they have the insider tips and hints to get you the best opportunities, but be really specific with what you want as the more details the better to match your requirements and plan your amazing trip such as the fabulous Sian Pages at www.sianpages.notjusttravel.com

 4. Shout if from the rooftops

Make sure you tell everyone from the airport, to the airline to the hotel that it is your honeymoon to ensure you get the very best prices, complimentary upgrades, honeymoon suites & further enhancements that may be available to you. Take your new marriage certificate with you to show off too, just in case that little bit of proof is needed.

 5. Miss to Mrs

Decide on the name you will using to travel, are you travelling in your maiden name or changing your passport ahead of your wedding day as name changes can be costly.

 6. Guaranteeing your perfect honeymoon

Unfortunately we are living in a time of constantly changing business plans and that means making sure you protect your honeymoon, take out travel insurance from the day you book your Honeymoon to make sure yours is safeguarded.

In terms of choosing the honeymoon that suits you best we have spoken to so many incredible travel agents and will be posting some more of their hints and tips in our feed over the coming weeks including amazing places to go and see too so stay tuned!




Vicky & Tash x

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