Happy International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday

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So today these two dudes came with us to a business meeting.   To be fair they were nearly as engaging as us and stole the show with their smiles and clapping of hands.   Reflecting on the drive home I was struck by how different the Wedding industry is to my previous life in the corporate World.    Going to a meeting dressed in anything but a black/blue/grey suit would have been outrageous;  I can’t begin to imagine what would have happened if I had bought the baby!   Perhaps this is why we are now obsessed with colour after years of corporate greyness ….  

On a serious note this week we celebrate International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday.   Both celebrating inspiring women and their lives.   The Wedding industry is unique as is majority female and the examples of amazing Female entrepreneurs and leaders can be seen across the industry.   Our meeting was with the amazing ladies at Ivy Rose Boutique in Dover.   Two working mums who are the definition of “bossing it” setting up an amazing boutique whilst juggling toddlers.  For example, they were leaving after our meeting to go home and do dinner and bath time and then were heading back to the boutique for an evening appointment.   Please visit them they have the best selection of Wedding dresses and are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.

We are proud to be part of this amazing (sometimes crazy!) industry.      When you order from Matchimony the items will have been designed by a women, lovingly hand tailored (probably by a women we have only 1 man in our production team), packed by a women and then processed by our brilliant Female Post Office team.    We discuss that as we grow we should probably look at appointing a male Director on the board, as have the opposite diversity problem to most other companies! 

So here is a massive thank you to all the amazing inspirational women that make Matchimony possible, from our production team, to the boutique owners, our Social Manager Anna, our photographer Kirsty, accountants Reshma and Lucy, and not forgetting our indispensable Office Manager Tracey.   Without you it wouldn’t be possible and we thank you for inspiring us every day.

Lots of Love,

Vicky and Tash


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