Finding Your wedding Dress During Covid-19

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Traditionally when on the hunt for your wedding dress you are told to start looking over 12 months in advance, that gives the time to find the one, get it tailored and have time for alterations. In terms  of a payment plan it is usually  50% upfront in some cases a little more and the balance paid on receipt back to the shop with alteration costs to follow. It is all alot more in advance and pre-planned. It is a system that has worked for years across the bridal industry, there isn’t anything wrong with it but then Covid-19 hit and don't we all know it!

There are brides who simply haven’t been able to get out to start their dress journey and are feeling so pressured by the need to find a dress and quickly- taking a lot of the gentleness and enjoyment out of the journey. Then there are those that just feel saddened by the new norm for finding dresses with limited numbers in appointments, face coverings and no Prosecco!   Or have decided that they would like a different type of Wedding outfit with the prospect of holding a smaller more simple Wedding and then a big Party once this craziness is over.   

We hear everyone, we hear how frustrating and sad you are by this and we are doing something about it....

We launched our own range of bridalwear back in 2018 just with a capsule range which has evolved considerably this year as brides come to us with a specific ideas in mind. We believe in embracing their visions for sophisticated yet simple lines and different two piece separates thus creating a sleek and modern range of dresses that suit today’s modern bride.

Recently we worked with a lovely bride who is having a garden wedding with 20 guests embracing this years bang on trend of Botanical! we workedto create her perfect Boho inspired piece with elegant lace and billowing tulle, and the best part? we custom made it for her in 4 weeks and it cost £250! This has been a huge initiative from us over the past few moths as we don’t believe in overcharging creating a range below the £500 by simply cutting out the middle man meaning you have your dress from designer to you in one step.

We are able to host appointments and are fortunate enough to have a beautiful countryside boutique location with space so that we can accommodate more attendees with you and although we may not be able to offer Prosecco just yet (the wine fridge is still there ready and waiting!) we will make you feel special and ensure your appointment is as lovely as it should be.

So if you have something in mind then give us a call we can chat about options, how we can help and how we can ensure this process is as beautiful, simple and fun as possible. Covid is not going to get in the way of you finding your dress. 



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