Feeling Positive!

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You may have noticed we’ve been a little quieter recently. A combination of home schooling, the busiest time of year for our ordering as we rollout the year and the fact we are really taking a long hard look at what we say and how we say it to our couples.

The wedding industry is hurting, both suppliers and couples alike, everyone entered into 2021 with feelings of positivity fuelled by vaccines and the beauty of a fresh new start but as time has gone on the worries have crept in and uncertainty has filtered into planning and forward projections. So we have taken the past few weeks to stop, reflect and adjust. And we have come out the other side POSITIVE.

Remember when we went to weddings, as guests? The sheer joy of seeing the bride walk in, the hard to move lump in your throat as you watched friends and family share pledges, the first dance that made you not just see but feel their love for each other, the feeling of absolutely shaking it on a dance floor and the champagne bubbles bursting on your tongue when you cheersed the speeches. All of that joy and enjoyment will come back and when it does it will be tenfold, we are literally just so excited to even go to weddings let alone the sheer excitement couples who will get to get married will actually feel!

Love is most definitely not cancelled too- our Instagram has been inundated with engagement announcements full of just pure joy and love. We have also had our biggest month ever for requests of swatches and information, weddings will be happening and the vibe is out there, the love is there. It’s a trend that was shown after the Spanish Flu with the hit of the rip roaring twenties (hopefully less clandestine bootlegging !). 

Then there are the more practical aspects other countries like the USA enabling capacity weddings with strict measures in place from March, vaccines that are showing positive affects in terms of limiting transmission too. The incredible work by petitions and organised support groups to petition the government to consider weddings in the next phased rollout plan- all of this is looking good!

The heart of all of this? If planning your wedding makes you happy then plan it, organise every detail of it, it will happen and when it does it will be mind blowing and we cant wait to hear every detail 💕

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