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We have been having a website update over the Christmas period ready to hit 2020 with a slightly updated look and feel, part of which has been updating our About Us page. This time we have gone for something a little different as we wanted you to get to know the real Vicky and Tash- so here it is- a few of the choice questions about our own weddings and other bridal matters that mean something to us! 

Colour of your bridesmaid Dresses at your Wedding and what you would chose now?

Tash  - I chose Black (controversial!), I would probably go for our beautiful Teal colour now as I had a December wedding and it's a lovely Wintery shade.

Vicky - Champagne, today would probably choose Forest Green plus go for Separates as just love them.

Favourite memory from your Wedding -

Tash - Our first dance, we chose an amazing Stereophonics song that meant so much to us, I still get emotional whenever I play it.

Vicky - I got married in Cyprus and 80 of our friends and family came for a long weekend, it was magical.   By the time it got to the Wedding on the Sunday everyone was friends and it was a huge celebration.   Plus my husband did also announce that we were expecting our first baby in 7 months in his speech,  which added to the party.

Biggest Wedding Regret 

Tash - Erm I forgot my bouquet! We had to dash back to get it meaning I then got stuck at a level crossing of the local steam train (not even joking) and I was 30 minutes late!

Vicky - Not having a Wedding Video, it is such a fabulous addition to the day I wish I'd had one.

Favourite Wedding Movie

Tash - Controversially it's Bridesmaids- it literally has me creased every time!

Vicky - Mamma Mia - it is also my 4 and 2 year olds favourite film - the soundtrack to Mamma Mia is a favourite in my car!

Kate or Meghan Wedding Dress?

Tash- Meghans dress, I just adored the neckline. Vicky and I agree on everything usually and I think this is the only question we ever differ on!

Vicky - Kate all the way, I just love the detail and the sleeves


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