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Selecting your bridesmaids dresses is not easy, you may have many maids with many different body types, or maids who suit different colours or cuts. Well for us this was of paramount importance when designing and selecting our dresses.

When we worked through our designs we spent a long time looking at the most flattering styles and fabrics to suit every body shape and something that kept coming up was how important is was for our bridesmaids to feel happy and comfortable in what they were wearing. Many felt that just having a silk based dress could cause too many issues due to the close cut nature of the fabric, the fact that silk is ‘not forgiving’ and can be clingy in heat (not ideal for those with weddings abroad) not to mention the fear over accidently marking them! Many brides also felt that allowing their maids to feel comfortable in what they were wearing was vitally important and that the fabric needed to move with them. This was the founding principle of why we chose our silk and chiffon overlay style of dresses. Our silk underlay gives the perfect base for our dresses with the cooling properties of the fabric and the fact that matching items can be made, however a lot of the beauty comes from the chiffon overlay, a fabric that moves with your body, catches the breeze and creates the most beautiful silhouettes:

A chiffon overlay dress allows you more comfort and movement and means that our dresses are comfy long into the night when you have had to kick your shoes off and throw some shapes on the wedding dancefloor as every bridesmaid should! We also love the fact that for our little Flowergirls the chiffon overlay means they too can keep twirling into the night


We want you and your bridesmaid to love wearing your dresses and to feel beautiful so speak to us today at as to how we can create the perfect dresses for you.


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Vicky & Tash


Source: Adam Cherry Photography

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