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One of the key pieces of advice that people tend to give when you are planning a Wedding is to pay for a good photographer, as the photos are something you will look back on forever.  A photographer however can only work with the scene that you provide and so it is important to be thinking about the photographs all the way through the Wedding planning.   This is something we have tried to keep in mind when developing the Matchimony range.   Having a colour theme running through your photobook creates a stylish and elegant look and helps the photographer create a story.

Our obsession with colour themes and how this translates into your Wedding photobook has led us to create a couple of new products that we are excited to be launching over the next couple of months.   This includes dressing gowns in every one of the 30 Matchimony colours so that your “getting ready photos” can have the same theme!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you would like to talk to us about creating perfect Wedding photos or our new items.

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