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Photoshoot mania descended on the Matchimony office last month as we did two photoshoots of our new collection in one week!  One photoshoot in a week is stressful and so having two is just crazy but the results were well worth the chaos.     

A photoshoot requires a whole team of people including a brilliant photographer, make up artist, hairdresser, models and assistants to prepare the items before photographing.    We are so lucky at Matchimony that from the beginning we have had an army of helpers that have made the shoots possible.    The shoots have now become fun as it feels like a reunion!

As well as being fun the photoshoots were special as we were able to capture our brand new product the Multiway dress!

This is a new dress that Natasha and I have been passionate about for ages but we wanted to ensure the product was right before launching it to the market.   The final tweaks have now been done and the end result is amazing.  The options for this dress are endless as the two front and the two back straps can be manipulated into countless ways – we have so far counted 26 but we are sure there are more!     Some of our favourite ways are shown below.  


We are so excited by this dress we want to show you literally every photo but obviously don’t want to bore you and so please check out our new items on both our website and Etsy.    The dress is available in all of the Matchimony colours plus in both short and long and so is extremely versatile.     We love the idea that halfway through the day the bridesmaids can decide to change the dress and have a second look or that different bridesmaids of different shapes can decide on the best look to suit them.  

We would love to hear what you think of our new products and so please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback by emailing


Lots of Love,

Natasha and Vicky x

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