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Attending a wedding when you are pregnant is stressful.   Everything in your wardrobe resembles a sack, the menu becomes a minefield and heaving your 8 month bump around the dancefloor is a chore.    This is before you factor in being the only sober person at the wedding apart from the page boy and flowergirl!   If you are a bridesmaid this stress is multiplied by 100 as you need to predict what size your bump will be in a few months time when ordering your dress, the bride wants you to match the other bridesmaid plus you don’t want to be an inconvenience.  This is before you remember you can’t even drink on the hen do!  

We want to take the stress out of this and so have been striving to make flattering dresses for pregnant bridesmaids.   We will ensure they perfectly match the bridal party and are also elegant and comfortable.   A popular choice has been the one shoulder and strapless dress as their draping skirts are ideal to hide a baby bump.   We can also modify the strapless dress to have straps to ensure it is comfortable and secure.

A lovely Deep Purple One Shoulder Dress for a 5 months pregnant bridesmaid

A Gorgeous Soft Cream Dress with Added Straps

We do also get a lot of enquiries about how to measure and estimate the size of a baby bump.  This is not an exact science but we always say to add on at least 5cm for the bust and then 3-5cm per month from 5 months to the size of your stomach.   Everybody is different but this way you should be able to achieve a flattering floating look.   If you have any questions or need any further help then please just email us on and we will be pleased to chat it through with you.      

Lots of Love,

Natasha and Vicky xx

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