What to wear when you get married in Space?

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Unusual wedding venues is a craze we love, from getting married in a haunted castle, to up a mountain or even in Space (if you are one of the two mad couples that have put their names down to get married on Virgin Gelatic!)    Being able to get married absolutely anywhere is one of the biggest changes to have revolutionised the Wedding industry over the last 30 years.    It makes choosing a venue very exciting and can be extremely personal to you as a couple.   It can also be a great start to choosing a theme – from enchanted forest, to sports stadium your venue provides the perfect start to build your special day around.  

Here are our top 5 less traditional venue ideas –

  • Kradan Island in Thailand holds the Worlds largest underwater wedding ceremony every February and over 481 couples have tied the knot here!
  • Mountain top wedding – your choice is endless from the Alps to the Rockies to something a bit nearer to home like Mount Snowdon. Ski your way up the aisle.
  • Zoo weddings. Singapore Zoo let’s you invite an elephant to your wedding!   Do it for your Best Man so he can throw in numerous family/animal jokes!    Or be more adventurous and organise a Safari wedding and stay on for a perfect honeymoon. 
  • Vineyard weddings. Closer than you think the gorgeous Rioja region of Spain or Champagne region of France are all only a short flight away.   These venues are guaranteed to keep your guests merry....   
  • Landmark weddings. Did you know you can get married at the Great Wall of China or in the Grand Canyon?    Choose a landmark for a spectacular backdrop.  



Choosing what to wear to your underwater wedding or mountain wedding we can only assume must be a headache!    We would love to be able to help, so get in touch and tell us about your unusual wedding ideas and who knows maybe we can design something special and different?


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Vicky & Natasha


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