A Horoscope wedding!

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Since living in Vietnam Tash has more often than not been called a dog…… this isn’t someone being offensive but is in fact because of her Horoscope, being born in 1982 means that by the Vietnamese horoscope she is a loyal, faithful, trustworthy, kind….dog/kind of person! Interesting and really quite nice when you are looking at your personality traits and what they mean. If you want to find out what you are in the Viethoroscope calendar just visit here: http://www.viethoroscope.com/

Horoscopes here in Vietnam have an incredibly strong meaning, teams are often built choosing people of compatible Horoscope signs as are relationships (do not bring a Cat home if you are a Dog is the moral of that story…) and when it comes to marriage it is something that is looked at to gauge the couples compatibility. In addition on the start of each Lunar New Year the families get together to look at what each year will bring and will often wear new clothes in different colours to reflect their horoscope and bring in fortune for the new year too.

This is a tradition that we love and is certainly something that could be applied to choosing your own colours for your wedding to bring you luck and love in your new married life. All you need to do is look at your astrological star sign and select colours that are most befitting to you. We have found the template below the most accurate in terms of selecting colours that actually seem to be the favourites of their respective star signs too:


Credit: Zodiac Society 2015

We would love to have a play around with this and make a Star sign themed wedding whereby all of the wedding party are in the colours of the signs of the Bride and Groom, meaning they are bringing them luck! At Matchimony we have every single one of the colours needed for every single Star Sign so get in contact with us if you are thinking of doing the perfect Horoscope Wedding!



Tash & Vicky


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