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Choosing a wedding theme can be incredibly easy, or actually quite frustrating. For some it’s simple, you choose a theme that relates to you and your partner such as a shared love of sport, or a specific country and there you have it. Someone we know chose a theme based around sailing as her and her husband had met whilst on a sailing camping holiday when they were only 16 which is lovely! She was able to choose features that represented that entire theme with a cake in the shape of their sailing boat and even flowergirl dresses that looked like sailor dresses! It was adorable!

For me it was harder to choose a theme my husband wanted it to be Rugby or Dragons (well, he is Welsh) whereas I just wanted black, not really a theme! In the end our theme was dictated for us- we had a tree slap bang in the middle of the marquee we were using. We made the marquee look quite ethereal with twigs and fairy lights everywhere and hung our table plan from the branches of an old Crab Apple tree. We did toy with the idea of choosing dresses that had some form of leaf detail but obviously couldn’t find anything so I got my wish of just having plain black on that front!


A lovely trend that we have seen from two brides is to base their theme around their engagement ring. One bride contacted us about our lovely red range to see if it would perfectly match the Ruby in her ring which it did, she has chosen to couple it with opulent red for a beautiful Autumn day. Another customer has matched her bridesmaid dresses and men’s attire to her beautiful Sapphire eternity meaning a classy navy affair that relates to something so important to them both- their rings- the beginning of their marriages. However we have also heard about some pretty awesome and different choices too- Star Wars, Shrek, Gangsters and erm…Zombies. To be honest all of them sound pretty good and have ral potential to go across all of the details of the day!

At Matchimony we LOVE hearing about wedding trends, colours and themes and will always do our best to try and find a colour or style for you to suit your day. So whatever theme you choose (even if it is a particularly strange one…) just simply contact us to see if we can help.


Lots of love

Tash & Vicky xx

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