The start of the rainbow!

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Tradition has always dictated that your bridesmaid wear the same colour and the same style, but times are changing. Brides are embracing the chance to let their bridesmaid personalities shine through a little more, for example one may absolutely love red, whilst another hates it. Well 2015 is the year of trying something a little different and giving yours bridesmaids a little more choice!

We are increasingly seeing our wonderful brides requesting a mixture of colours and styles for their maids, for one bride having a purple-hued wedding with a range from Aubergine through to the palest lilac, whilst another bride has embraced the darker range and matched red, purple and black to create a truly dramatic effect! And what do we think of colour matching, well we LOVE it! The idea of letting each of your brdesmaids choose her own colour is exactly what we set up Matchimony for, we want everyone to feel that their dress isn’t just something they are wearing for a friend but a dress that makes them feel fabulous too (even better is when you can match your ushers to their colour range too to make it even brighter).

If a range of coloured dresses is a little out of your comfort zone we have also seen a growing trend of our brides asking for plain ivory or cream dresses which they are coupling with beautiful bright florals. It used to be that multi-coloured flowers were reserved for sad bouquets on garage forecourts, well not anymore as with our plain dresses the flowers create such beautiful standout.

If you are thinking of having a colour-spectrum wedding and just don’t know which colours will go together then speak to us, we give away three free samples so you can see how the colours compliment each other, and if we don’t have a colour that you want we can guarantee that we can dye it for you!

Go on, chase the rainbow….!


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