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The past week in Vietnam has been Tet- meaning the celebration of the new Lunar New Year and the ringing in of the New Year of the Goat. It has meant that the city where our tailors are based, Ho Chi Minh City (sometimes known as Saigon), has been transformed. The streets are quiet, there are yellow blossom trees and plants lining every street and the women are wearing the most beautiful traditional vivid colour dresses you have ever seen.

We won’t go into the traditions of Tet too much but it’s all about celebrating family, health and happiness – so exactly the same as a wedding! However Tet is the optimum time for Women in Vietnam to wear their traditional Ao Dai dress in bright colours. These beautiful outfits are made of silk and have had a massive revamp since the 90’s with a more modern shape and a growth in using brighter colours for more standout. Traditionally the younger you were the lighter and paler your shade of Ao Dai dress as it was supposed to represent virtue, now every woman, or every age, embraces the chance to wear something bright and different. Exactly the same way we should be with our weddings too!

At Matchimony we have selected some of the shades that are popular for Ao Dai colours including the bright Sun Yellow and the beautiful Ruby Red – both of which are shades used in the celebration of Tet too.

We love looking at new shades and using traditions and expertise of our tailors to find the best new fabrics and shades too. So give it a go, have a look at a brighter shades for your wedding, something different and unexpected. Simply order a free colour sample of one of our amazing colours by emailing Here’s to a fantastically bright wedding year and a wonderful year of the Goat!



Matchimony xx

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