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Here at Matchimony we love the romance of the prom and truly believe it is one of the best exports from the US since Reese’s peanut butter cups!    The prom is a chance to let your hair down after months of intense revision and exams.     It is a celebration of freedom, summertime and in most cases the end of an era with everyone going off to University or future plans.  

The prom concept is still seen as relatively new in the UK, elbowing out “end of year discos” in the school hall with a soggy buffet and a last dance to Macarena, replacing it with proper venues, ballgowns and limousines.   Yet in the US proms have been going since the 1890s and over the years a number of traditions have been formed.   Our favourite is the concept of your date formally asking you to the prom and you both then choosing perfect outfits to impress each other around a colour scheme.    Here at Matchimony we want to ensure that your date does get the right shade of blue, green or whatever your colour to perfectly match your dress so that you can really show each other off and ensure stunning pictures.



Our black range we believe would have suited Sandy and Danny from Grease down to the ground, with her showing off her amazing figure in a classic strapless dress and him rocking the black tie. 

Our red range is more American Pie ……

So if you are shopping for prom wear check out our range of 15 gorgeous colour shades and choose the one that would suit your date and you the best.    Buy him a matching handkerchief to present when he picks you up, as a gift for him to remember your night by.    Also if you have a dream prom dress in mind just let us know, we might be able to make this come true.   We also have cummberbunds and bow ties hitting the website soon so watch this space!

We hope you enjoy all the prom build up and don’t forget to share your pictures in the summer,

Love Matchimony xxx

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