The ethical side of our business and how we will never, ever use a factory

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This week we wanted to talk to everyone about the ethical side of Matchimony as a company. It was really important to us when we set the business up that we gave back to the very communities who were making our items and find the most ethical way to have our items made. As you know we source all of our fabrics direct from the silk makers in Vietnam and use local tailors based in and around Ho Chi Minh City. What you probably didn’t know is that we have hand selected these tailors to work for Matchiony based on finding not only the most talented people to make our beautiful items but also those who want to create a better life. 95% of our tailors are women, and many have heart wrenching life stories of acute poverty, hard work and in some cases abuse. Many of them worked in factories previously and endured horrendous conditions including long hours, bad lighting and no cool air. We already knew we would never use factories because of the lack of return to the individual and the appalling working conditions but this set us completely against it when we had one on one chats with these amazing people. Simply no Matchimony items will ever, ever be made in a factory, every item will be handmade by our wonderful Matchimony tailors (or tailorettes really since so many are ladies) and we will ensure that our profit is shared with them as we grow. They are all incredibly shy, but very proud of their beautiful work that they make, as are we, and we keep them updated about every order they make. They are always thrilled to see pictures of their work in action (in fact pictures from our launch shoot are plastered on a lot of their walls!) so please do share your wedding pictures back to us at so that we can show them how their wonderful work makes many people so happy.


Love Vicky & Tash xx

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