The World of Wedding Colours

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Tash and I can confess, we are colours obsessed!   Seriously we now have conversations about masala, lavender and moss - aka red, purple and green to normal people!   This syndrome was only something that developed since our own weddings and launching Matchimony.   Before you start planning your wedding, colours seem quite straight forward with just 3 primary colours, white and black.   It was only once we started trying to match champagne dresses with champagne tie and waistcoats that we realised there was a whole spectrum of champagne – brilliant when in liquid variety but not so good for wedding photos!

Choosing the fabric for Matchimony was then multiplying this challenge by 16!   Tash literally scoured Asia for chiffon overlay for the Bridesmaid dresses to ensure they were flattering but still perfectly matched the silk underlay.  Our apartments quickly became covered in samples like the below.  


Now we have a Matchimony spectrum of 16 colours that we are extremely proud of.   We adore our pastel range of mint green, light aqua, soft pink and lemon, ideal for long Summer wedding days.   We also have a rich range of classics including ruby red, emerald green, navy blue and deep purple for that timeless wedding look.  

Our colour of the week is actually deep purple, we have had more requests for this than any other colour!  


We also love the trend of mixing and matching your bridesmaids and groomsmen.   Colour palettes are currently trending for 2015 and we think half of your bridesmaids and groomsmen in our mint green and half in pale pink would be perfect for an English country wedding.   Alternatively, be more adventurous and mix bright pink with royal blue or go for a Rainbow theme, for some true stand out photos!

Satisfied we now have a collection of 16 colours that would wow at any wedding and fulfils the latest trends we have loved creating Matchimony’s colour range – although we are always open to new suggestions and so if there is a colour you would love to see, please do not hesitate to contact us at  

Much Love, Tash & Vicky xxx

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