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Congratulations! You are about to embark on probably the most exciting time of your life, planning a wedding! Just think how much fun you can have choosing everything; flowers, food, your dress, your bridesmaid dresses…..or so you think….well that is exactly where Vicky and I (the founders of Matchimony) got to then we realized how much of a nightmare it was be to find a bridesmaid dress in the colour, fabric, style and price rage that you want, couple that with the fact you want to match your groom/usher accessories and you are done for! I remember searching online and on foot for 5 months trying to find the perfect dresses for my favorite girls. I chose bridesmaids who were all stunning (error in itself) but also had a broad range of body shapes and styles. I suddenly needed to find dresses that would suit them all and still be in the colour I wanted, which was a lovely royal blue colour as I was having a December wedding.

With the wedding only a month away I ended up having to change my whole colour theme as I couldn’t get the dresses I wanted and the girls ended up wearing black. It still looked nice but was not what I originally wanted (also meant I had to change the napkins, what a faff). Vicky on the other hand found her perfect bridesmaid dresses really quickly but could not find a single matching item for her lovely groom and ushers meaning she had to pay over the odds to try and get the perfect champagne colour matched men’s accessories.

So in true first-world-problems we were moaning about this over a glass (okay bottle) of wine in a classy establishment called the Bag-o-Nails when we were hit by the brainwave for Matchimony (yep you got it our brilliant business idea was cooked up in a slightly drunken stupor in a London drinking establishment). It’s the most simple concept, an online location to buy beautifully made dresses that suit an array of body shapes, partnered with cute flowergirl dresses and matching Boys and Men’s accessories. All in lovely fabrics, made ethically and at a price that beats the high street.

It’s taken us months to get to this point of launching our website (which we think is rather beautiful) and we couldn’t be more excited to see it all come together and to help you find the perfect items for your wedding. No colour is too far for us and if it isn’t here then we will do what we can to find it for you. We hope you have as much fun planning your wedding as Vicky and I did for ours and hope that Matchimony can make it that little bit better for you too. If you have any questions then do contact us, or seek us out in the Bag-O-Nails pub…

Much love, Vicky & Tash x

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