The World has a favourite colour!

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We have seen recently a huge surge in requests for our ranges of pinks and oranges across our spectrum focusing in on our soft Pale Pink, our striking Peach and vibrant Bright Pink. It got us thinking (and wasting time on Wikipedia) what is the Worlds’ favorite colour? Is there one or is it purely trend based?

After wasting A LOT of time online we found this chart from which shows a survey conducted across 10 countries across four continents and it’s pretty incredible that the World definitely has a favorite colour- Blue! This was especially apparent in the UK where 33% of people put blue as 8-18 points ahead of other colours.



So although the World most definitely has a favourite colour it means that our brides are bucking the trend and going for something either with more vintage feel (our Pale Pink) or for more vibrancy for the wedding day (our bright pink hues) and embracing their own beautiful individuality!

Either way we love ALL of our 35 colours and are always adding new shades to our spectrum so even if you share the same view as the World and want Blue we can help you out with over 5 Blue-Hues in our range from soft and subtle Light Blue though Kingfisher and Military Blue to deep and soulful Navy Blue.

So let us help you find your perfect wedding colour be it Blue, pink, red, purple, silver, green, yellow, lilac, peach, white…..(we may be here a while….)

Lots of love

Vicky & Natasha




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